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Miss McKinnon or should I say Potter has been seen alone a lot lately. Is everything ok with mr black, or is Hogwarts resident whore back on the market?

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Two of Slytherins most lusted males, lusting after each other? Hmmm, if I were the Professors, I’d lock the Towers. The female population might suffer after this one.

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Gryffindors Golden Couple having yelling at each other in the Corridors. Is this the end of the Flower and the Chaser?

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A Dance?

Oh goody some drama. Tell me boys and girls who’s going with who? who’s wearing what? oh and just to tell you, my eyes will reach everywhere and the day after the dance the dirt will be spread like butter on a bagel. Let me know about those dates, and send in any gossip you may have received, I look forward to it.

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Now I could be wrong but my prying eyes believe I spotted two girls kissing in the corridors. I wont say any names for these snake and puff but, will the two girls please step forward?

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News just in!
Power couple Remus and Dorcas are no more. Remus is up for grabs apparently but before you girls go swarming lets find out one thing. Who broke up with who?
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Amelia bones and Severus Snape snuggling on her hospital bed. Tell us Snakes and Badgers whats the snitch?

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The Hogwarts Herald

Hello boys and girls,

You may be wondering what has happened to the Herald. Well darlings, I am sad to tell you that ‘K’ has now retired from the Gossip scene. In their place, I, am here. So there will be changes to this gossip blog, but not to worry! This witch will be covering everything just as well-No, better than K has.

First things first on this long catch up agenda. What has gotten into the Princess Black? She has not two, but it seems to be three suitors for her. The first is the one we all knew about, Lucius Malfoy, the Snake. The second, we found out just before Halloween, -and what a surprise that was- Baby Lestrange himself, Rabastan. Now the third is an even bigger surprise, Noah Abbot, the Ravenclaw Herbologist. Now, nothing official has been seen, or heard. But Gardener Boy is the one Princess Black runs to every time something bad happens. Now the question is who the Princess will choose, and who will be left in the dust?

Now, the Snake Prince was seen –gasp- fist fighting with Muggle Boy. I wonder what it was about, darlings? My sources say it was involved with a certain red head Qudditch player from the Lion house.

While we’re on the subject of red heads, we all know that Flower and her Chaser are together, and have been since Halloween. But what is this I hear about Chaser giving his lady a special ring on her birthday? My, my. They are only sixth years, and the Chaser’s family is famous for not following the Betrothal customs of their fellow purebloods. So what gives, Chaser?

Now, speaking of Chaser’s family, we all saw the Prophet headline, and we all saw Chaser leaving the Great Hall the day the article was published. Now, a public reaction hasn’t been seen, but we can only assume that since the Wondrous Six has been disappearing at all hours that they are cheering up Chaser by drinking into the night.

Furthermore, Black Sheep and The Raven have been disappearing off on their own while the other four are seen elsewhere. Then there are the wolf and his deer, they haven’t been seen out and about. Is there trouble in paradise?

Now, there has been some trouble brewing in the Badger house. First, little V was seen breaking down in the library only to be comforted and carried out of the Library by one Baby Lestrange. The two of them have been seen hanging out a lot lately in the library, now is it just a tutoring session –V is known for her potion skills, or is it something else?

Amelia Bones however was taken into the hospital wing for reasons unknown, causing quite a stir! Then there is little Miss Invisible turned Visible. She was seen talking out in the courtyard with, you guessed it, Baby Lestrange! What is causing this sudden alliance between the Badgers and Snakes I wonder?

Now speaking of strange things, the Lady Emma,  was seen out with a boy, whose back was sadly turned by the lake. Our mystery boy was seen with roses, how romantic! Does this mean Miss. Vanity is off the market?

Stay tuned until next time, darlings!


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